-Societas Daemonica- European PvP Guild

  • Overview

    Members: about 60
    Timezone: Mostly European
    Language: English
    History: Shadowbane, Guild Wars, Darkfall Online
    Homepage: http://www.sd-pk.de
    Forums: http://www.soul-pk.de
    Shadowbane PvP video: stream - hq download
    Recruitment: here
    Server: Seafarer's Rest

    Since the beginning of time man has lit fires to keep out the darkness, made laws to uphold order to hinder the seeds of chaos to spread, prayed to the gods of good to protect them from evil ...but no more

    The time has come to let the nightmares replace the dreams of man, to let the bloom of chaos blossom in it's beauty and tear down the pillars of order, to let man know their gods ignores them and let man feel the darkness of despair supplant the lights of hope... from this night... it's our night

    Fear our gospel of darkness and despair, fear our armies of chaos and destruction. Flee if you will, but you cannot evade us, flee and you will only prolong your torment, surrender and you will meet a quick death, though in death you will not elude us, your corpse will feed our offspring and your soul will strengthen us all. Subject and you might be spared, if your life gives us more value than your death.

    We are the reason you are afraid of the dark. We make your nightmares come true, we rape your woman, ravage your children and savage your men, we feed on your bones and toast to your blood.

    You cannot outrun us, you can't hope to hide
    not you or your wife, not even your child.
    The time has come, your end is near
    pray to your gods, they'll soon see you there.
    Remember the sunlight, remember the dawn
    it's the last light you'll see, in the belly of our spawn.

    We are the reason you'll never see daylight again...
    ....we are your death
    ....we are your doom

    We are the Societas Daemonica

    General info

    Societas Daemonica (SD) was founded for Shadowbane 11 years ago. We are a PvP/RPK oriented guild and have been playing Shadowbane, Guild Wars and Darkfall Online so far. Shadowbane and Darkfall are asset destruction based MMORPGs that create political tensions between guilds, leading to massive warfares with high risk/reward ratio and therefore shows the competitive nature of our playerbase. We dominated the European server in Shadowbane and stayed the most successful European guild in Shadowbane till we left. SD has about 60 experienced Members - we got a big German and French playerbase but we're an international guild.