[PvX/International] Vasburg Armory [vA] (Früher: "The Omega Circle", GW1 Alpha-Gilde)

  • Die ältesten unter den alten Hasen werden evtl. noch die Gilde "The Omega Circle" kennen, welche bereits 2004 aktiv an der GW1-Alpha teilnahm (und auch auf WT.de sehr zahlreich vertreten war).
    Derzeit befinden wir uns im Wiederaufbau als internationale/europäische Guild Wars 2-Gilde. Wer Interesse hat, sollte also der englischen Sprache mächtig sein.
    And now let's switch to English.

    The Vasburg Armory [vA] is a European GW2 guild and a rebuild from scratch of the former GW1 Alpha Testing Guild "The Omega Circle" later known as "Excidium".
    History has shown that building the guild months ahead of a game's release does indeed yield the best and most stable results, as the people gathered had plenty of time to get to know each other until release. Also, the people who are looking for a guild months ahead of relase are usually "early adopters"; people more loyal and passionate about the game and their guild and potentially more active outside of the game (e.g. in forums).
    So far, we have assembled almost 30 members and a very active forum community within the first few weeks after re-launch.
    On a side note: We do NOT play on the server "Vasburg" (which unfortunately for us is a U.S server); our guild name simply refers to the correspondent Guild Wars 1 location. Although a definite decision has yet to be made, our official guild server for the Beta Weekends is Gandara.

    We are a European Guild Wars 2 guild with a PvX orientation. Just like in Guild Wars 1 we enjoy both parts of the game, PvE and PvP. Currently (based on the impressions after BWE #1) our "endgame focus" clearly will be on WvWvW, with PvE laying the foundation as "day-to-day business".
    Structured PvP currently is completely disconnected from the rest of the game and also offers very limited variety. But once more game modes are implemented, structured PvP will certainly become more important to us as a guild.

    As a European guild, we only recruit European players. However, this restriction is only meant to prevent massive timezone differences. So if you are from outside Europe but play during CET peak hours, you are welcome to join our ranks as well.

    The Vasburg Armory — or more specifically its former incarnations — has always revolved around the concept of a family guild (or guild family). Guild Wars 2 with its anti-grind philosophy more than ever enables and encourages us to put the personality of our members over their gaming achievements.
    To ensure maximum compatibility we prefer members who take the game seriously but not too seriously; laid-back individuals in the midst of life who want to share their favorite hobby with like-minded people. Self-sufficiency, sociability, and the willingness to achieve in-game goals that can only be achieved as a team are the traits we seek and advocate.

    The profile of an ideal candidate would read as follows:

    • Mature and sociable personality in the midst of life
    • Solid MMO background
    • Plans to stick with GW2 and our guild for a looong time
    • Self-sufficiency and the ability to extract basic and advanced knowledge from a wiki and other guides on your own
    • A written language that does not involve 4chan memes in every other line. umad?

    (We explicitly mention no age restrictions, since that does not per se remedy any problems due to lack of maturity while at the same time history has shown that fake-IDs are even easier to come by in the internet. We do hope, however, that by now it has become apparent that this whole endeavour is no kids club and we strongly recommend that you are at least in your 20s or 30s.)

    We do (and always did) take pride in our guild website, which (in all modesty) is above-average.
    [Blocked Image: http://www.vasburg.net/gfx/marketing/preview_website_forum.jpg]

    Especially in the months before GW2 will be released, it serves as our central hub. Aside from news, detailed information on our guild and its history, member profiles and more, it also features our own (and seamlessly integrated) vBullettin forums.

    Those interested in joining us should head to our Join us section where you will also find our membership application form.
    (Also, make sure to register at our forums first, as a valid and logged in forum account is required.)

    Last but not least, you're also welcome to like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vasburg.armory
    This, however, is obviously more a gimmick than anything else.

    We're looking forward to seeing you in our guild and forums.
    [Blocked Image: http://www.vasburg.net/gfx/buttons/vAbutton.gif]

    Our Website: http://www.vasburg.net
    Our Forums: http://www.vasburg.net/forums

    June 9th, 2012:
    Milestone: 20 members.

    May 31st, 2012:
    The vA UEFA EURO 2012 Prediction League game has started! Participate and win a Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition key!

    May 30th, 2012:
    Preparations for BWE #2 have started. We will play on [EU] Gandara during all BWEs. Sunday will be our first WvWvW guild group event. Mumble and TS3 servers have been established to compare both VOIP solutions with each other.

  • One week has passed since we have re-launched the guild. Time for a recap:

    • We are proud to announce 5 new members from the UK, Sweden, Poland and Germany.
    • Some users might still experience problems with accessing our membership application form even though they are registered and logged in. If that should happen to you, simply apply through our forums (either by posting your application or by sending me a private message).

    Anyway, we are still in our "assemble" stage, so new European members of all languages and nationalities are more than welcome to join our ranks.

  • After 14 days we now count 14 members, so recruitment is rather successful.
    We also developed a really active forum community, so feel free to drop by.

  • The past week has been rather silent, probably mainly because there was not a lot of new info from A.Net and still no date for BWE #2 in sight.

    However, we're still looking for more European GW2 players to join our growing family.
    So don't hesitate an visit The Vasburg Armory to join us!

  • We are all very excited about the upcoming BWE. For the time being we will play on Gandara. Sunday will be our first guild group day for WvWvW. Mumble and TS3 servers stand ready.

    Luckily for you, we are still recruiting new members.
    (If our membership application form should not work for you, please apply through PM or our forums.)

  • While we're no longer in real *need* for new members, we can still make room for a few enthusiastic GW2 EU players.